• Image of The Fungal Lord, Strobilum Zaiar, PRINT 8X10

"The Ancient Ones: The Fungal Lord Strobilum Zaiar"

The great Fungal Lord, Strobilum Zaiar rules the symbiotic under realm of fungal beings and entities. Through a mystical practice known as spore sentience, It breathes life into all those within it's vast neural network. Zaiar itself creates the various powers found within it’s followers with neutral intent, allowing them the free will to use them as they see fit. The power to nourish, to poison, or to pass knowledge through visions is given to all those who follow this ancient lord. It only asks in return for the expansion and protection of the great fungal realm.

8" x 10" Inkjet Print - Hand Signed

Printed on 230 gsm matte paper
Acid-free and Archival

Colors may vary from computer monitor to actual print