• Image of Return of Lord ZA, PRINT 8x10

After drifting in a trance state for eons in the Slice Realm, the ancient lord has awakened. Able to see through to the next sphere with holy basil crusted eyes and smell what lies beyond its walls with reaper chili nose, he moves slowly into our realm. A dim, unwavering eye is activated in it's dripping forehead and begins to absorb all things, including itself. As he grows larger and more terrifying he stops, and in a impossibly deafening voice he says: I have returned from the depths of the Slice Realm to banish the lesser za, for I am your new overlord.

8" x 10" - Inkjet Print, Hand Signed

Printed on 230 gsm matte paper
Acid-free and Archival

Colors may vary from computer monitor to actual print