∆ Orders of art, prints, zines, etc. are fulfilled within 3-5 business days of the date purchased.

∆ Pre-Order items usually have a wait time for me to produce the items and will be shipped after the pre-order has ended. This usually takes about 3-4 weeks, however, each Pre-order is unique, so check the product page for details pertaining to that specific item.

Returns and exchanges:

∆ I do not except returns on Pre-Order Items unless damaged in shipping

∆ Contact me within: 14 days of delivery

∆ Ship items back within 30 days of delivery

∆ I don't accept exchanges or cancellations

∆ But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can't accept returns for:

∆ Pre-Order Items

∆ Digital downloads

∆ Items on sale

Conditions of return:

∆ Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. 

∆ Items must be returned in the condition they were received

Mask Prep/Care info

My masks are made from a flexible, firm (65D hardness) urethane resin. It is essentially hard plastic. Any skin reactions that would occur happen when mixing resins, ie. when making the mask and not necessarily when wearing or working on masks. 

Preparing your Blank Mask: 

∆ Blank masks ship cleaned, trimmed, primed, and ready to paint! Have a blast!

∆ Painting your mask with acrylic or craft paint is recommended. Oil and enamels are also a good option. Painting the inside of your mask  may result in skin reactions when worn by some people. Be safe

∆ After all painting is finished wait a minimum of a week to apply a clear-coat or varnish. Apply several coats of varnish either brush on, spray, or both in succession.  

∆ Attach straps using provided cord and post screws through holes at each ear and top of the forehead. 

∆ And voila your mask is ready to wreak havoc unto your realm.

Caring for your Painted Mask:

∆ Consider your mask a work of art and wear it with pride. But also remember that it is a delicately hand painted piece of artwork and should be treated as such.

∆ While each mask is made from a durable, flexible urethane resin, dropping, bumping, scraping, etc. may lead to your mask being scratched and losing paint. Be careful. If this should happen simply touch up with a small amount of paint and re-varnish. If your mask should somehow break you can use a strong two part epoxy to re-adhere the broken piece.

∆ Foam inserts may be needed to assure maximum comfort while wearing your mask. Simply adhere them to the inside of your mask using glue or velcro patches. 

∆ Elastic Straps have been included with your mask. They will accommodate most head sizes. Feel free to upgrade your straps to fit your face and style appropriately.

∆ You can use a small amount of heat from a blow dryer or heat gun to slightly bend the mask to fit your face better. Be careful! Always wear eye and hand protection when heating your mask and remember that it IS plastic and will get hot.

A Word of Caution:

∆ Don’t use your mask as a safety mask. While it can repel certain ghouls, it can’t repel fire, explosives, influenza, hockey pucks or any other external threat. Just remember that you are wearing a cool piece of art, not a welding mask.

∆ Never leave your mask in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It is plastic and it will melt. 

∆ Your vision will be impaired when wearing your mask. Don't use your mask while driving or any other activity that requires you to see well. Just don't.

Terms of Agreement:

By purchasing any works made by me you agree not to make any reproductions or copies. This includes original artwork, prints, zines, and any other pieces. This also includes masks and any other sculpted works. These are my livelihood that I have spent many, many hours creating, so please be cool and don't copy.